The Seed of Consequences

The Seed of Consequences

LOGLINE: Desperate to save his relationship with his son, Ramon finds that his past ways threaten to destroy those he loves most.

SYNOPSIS: Trying to escape his past history of violence, Ramon faces new challenges as he deals with his inner impulses. While trying to salvage his relationship with his son, Umberto, his wife, Maria, files for divorce threatening to block Ramon from seeing Umberto. After Ramon’s recent loss of his job forces him to to seek desperate options, he succumbs to a woman’s offer for help. While initially resisting her plan, he finds his violent ways are too much to overcome which set in motion unexpected consequences.

Our Team

T Severe, Ph.D.

Tony, “T” Severe, is an award winning filmmaker and film composer. His storytelling focuses on compelling narratives driven by characters navigating their way through life’s challenges. As a filmmaker he actively promotes gender and ethnic diversity in all his projects. His current project, The Seed of Consequences, was specifically developed to highlight the contribution of Hispanic actors.

Tony also serves as a Board Member of Phoenix Screenwriters Association, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to educating screenwriters. In addition, he is a past board member of AzFDMC (Arizona Film and Digital Media Coalition) and has served on the advisory board to the Scottsdale Community College School of Film + Theater and been a speaker at various film events.

Prior to his filmmaking career, Tony was a psychologist and has served as Adjunct Faculty teaching at Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, Grand Canyon University and South Mountain Community College. He brings his background of counseling thousands of families into the story development of The Seed of Consequences.

Melissa Quintans

Melissa Quintans is a producer/actor and serves as the Public Relations Director for Matices Cultural Center, which promotes Spanish language and culture through the arts.

She has an extensive resume acting in film, television, theater, and in commercials with over 25 credits in the U.S., Cuba and Bolivia. She recently produced and acted in the film, Paradise Terrace, a film addressing domestic violence. In addition to studying acting, she has had training in producing, directing, theater and dance, and has done workshops with Ernesto Fundora. As a producer of The Seed of Consequences, Melissa offers an important Latina voice to the film’s overall look and feel and helps promote a more visible Hispanic representation in our film community.